What Is Performance Appraisal?

First, it is crucial to have the support of the teams and show how important this system is. Many of the arguments cited above Performance Appraisal can be used to motivate employees about the system.

 In addition, this process can be carried out either manually or in the form of forms, as well as using performance Appraisal software in the cloud; this will depend a lot on the situation of your organization.

 These Four Steps Will Help You Build An Excellent Performance Management System, Including:

 Identify and prioritize the challenges that the company is facing;

Identify the objectives of implementing  management to promote best practices;

Estimate the ROI you expect to receive (learn more about how to improve the ROI of managing people in your company by clicking here .)

Communicate the benefits of  management to employees.

 benefits Of Performance Appraisal

Identify skills that need to be developed

With it, you have a very effective tool to see the possible skills of employees that need to be developed to improve their performance in their activities. Thus, it can be combined with the organization’s knowledge management for the development of skills and abilities. Learn more about knowledge management at this link .

  Standardization of assessments

You can standardize and make the assessments by competence more objective. The objectivity of the process allows for a greater perception of the achievement of the goals set and if the goals set were feasible.

  Opportunity to increase team productivity

It is an excellent way to increase individual and team productivity, especially if this assessment is made using gamification. Learn more about how gamification can increase team productivity and engagement here .

 Create a more participatory work environment

The work environment becomes more attractive and participatory, as the objectives of employees and the organization are previously clarified. In this way, each one will know their role and importance for the company, thus increasing worker engagement.

  Increase employee commitment

One issue that is evident is a greater commitment of employees. This occurs because they see more sense in what they do and this favors the self-esteem and motivation of professionals.

 Strengthen teams and leadership

Teams and leaders are strengthened to face challenges, thus reducing employee stress and possible conflicts.

  Focus more on results

Employees are more focused on the results that are exposed to them in a clear and objective way. This makes for a higher rate of success and failure repair.

 See employee profiles for each role

With all the data collected in this system, it is clearer to see the profiles for each role and this makes it much easier when choosing the right candidate for the position to be filled.

  Make a career plan for each position

In addition, HR will have the necessary data to plan the career plan for each position, detecting the best moments for promotions, reallocations and dismissals.

  Understand the organization’s business performance

Added to this, the organization will have clear data on its performance and even an overview that goes from the individual performance of each worker to the general performance of teams and sectors.

 It was clear that the performance evaluation system has as its main objective to improve performance and develop the employee in the position he/she works, as this process facilitates achieving the expected results.

In addition, the company will have valuable information about its organizational performance to use as a basis for strategic decisions.

Performance appraisal x Performance management

To understand how a performance appraisal system works, we have to know how performance management operates.

 Performance management is the set of ongoing management practices that help ensure that employees get the direction and feedback to perform excellently and succeed in their roles.

Therefore, a successful performance appraisal system must have:

 A good alignment of goals that clarifies the employee about what is expected of him and how important his work is for achieving the company’s objectives;

A development of skills that help the employee to achieve the organizational and role skills necessary to achieve high performance and success;

A focus on employee development that helps them to continually improve both their knowledge, technical skills and capabilities and provide new experiences and career advancements;

A way of engaging and empowering your employees that makes them responsible for their professional development and that of the organization;

A mechanism that facilitates the performance dialogue between teams and the manager about everyday cases, exploring expectations, progress made, achievements, performance as a whole and the necessary developments that need to be made;

An artifice for the employee to be recognized and receive feedback for their continuous improvement and greater satisfaction and success;

A way to inject employee growth stimuli to facilitate their development, improve their skills and promote strategic changes in the corporation that reduce unnecessary processes, improve production costs and make processes more efficient.

It performs the identification, diagnosis and analysis of employee behavior over a period of time.

 It usually happens every three or six months. Through the performance evaluation it is possible to detect the professional posture, technical knowledge and relationship of an employee with other work partners.

 By performing this type of assessment

 In this way, the company can better understand how its team is developing and make decisions regarding the career plan of the people evaluated, as well as giving bonuses, promotions or even identifying problems to try to solve them.

 Through what is performance evaluation, the employees themselves come to better understand their roles, objectives and expectations within the company, which helps them to improve and be more successful.

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