Is Social Entrepreneurship the future?

Is Social Entrepreneurship the future?

During the crisis that we face on a daily basis, new forms of entrepreneurship have to find new ways and new challenges. It is high time for the young generation to start thinking out of the box, to take care of their society and to create their own future and their own success stories.

It is more than necessary to create education oriented to the social issues, needs, problems and desires. Young minds which think about society and its problems and how to create solutions which can bring relief and profit at the same time, are necessary and vital for a change of culture and mentality.

For this reason, education comes to play a key-role and give answers to questions that we did not have some years ago. Poverty elimination, saving food, homeless people and neo-needy families due to the recent financial crisis, people with disabilities or diseases and unemployed are some of the social issues that demand our commitment and our engagement.

In the last two or three years, we have been able to notice an increase in the interest in social entrepreneurship, especially among young people. They have to gain the motivation and the inspiration they need. And I think that JA in Europe has to find the way to give them this motivation and  knowledge!

I hope for a better future and in the most innovative and socially sensitive entrepreneurs!

Argiris Tzikopoulos, CEO SEN/JA Greece