Testimonials participants SE360 program - Romania

SE360 program represents a step further in enhancing the changing power of entrepreneurial education. It raises the awareness towards the necessity to share profits with those in need for the benefit of us all.
Virgil Blage, Teacher and Principal, College of Economics Partenie Cosma Oradea

The SE360 program is a significant initiative for developing specific project management, entrepreneurial and communication skills, which facilitate the connection of students with social reality and the opportunity to identify effective and innovative strategies for solving social problems through interactive methods.
Goruneanu Gratiela, teacher National College Al. I. Cuza Bucharest

Participating in the competition was a cohesive element for members of Path to Knowledge Team. Due to the Social Enterprise 360 program, we have learned how to better work as a team, how to respect certain deadlines, but also how to develop our business. In addition, each member has tested his personal capacities, managed to complete the tasks ... What we liked most about this competition was the direct feedback and support on the business idea!
Andrei Linguraru, student, National College of Informatics Piatra-Neamt

The participation at the competition strengthened the connections between us, the team members. It gave us the chance to practice our creativity and presentation skills, to work together with business volunteer whose advice contributed to the development of the ‘real’ business. All these being said, most important is that we hope to help as many visually impaired people as possible. Together we can defeat darkness through an intelligent use of technology!
Miruna Gafencu, student, National College George Cosbuc Bucharest

Before attending the SE360 program, I had only a theoretical perception about the significance of social entrepreneurship and how to run a real business. At the end of the program, I can say that I have experienced and put into practice my ideas and I realized through examples the impact which can be created by social entrepreneurs in the community.
Valentin Bucur, student, National College of Informatics Tudor Vianu Bucharest