Social Enterprise 360 project is co-funded by a grant awarded by the European Commission through Erasmus + .
The implementation period is 2 years, from September 1, 2014 to August 30, 2016, and the project aims to involve at european level 450 teachers and 5625 students from 300 high schools.
Project goal​
The Social Enterprise 360 project was developed through a strategic partnership between organizations from 8 countries. Based on a comprehensive educational approach of social entrepreneurship, it combines learning outcomes with assessment and formal methods with informal activities (implemented both in and out of school). Moreover, the programme engages participants at a local and international level, with the support and guidance of teachers and mentors.

Project objectives
» Analysis of entrepreneurship education status in project countries
» Creating a social entrepreneurship curricula for high school
» Creating an ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in and outside school, and exploitation of digital learning
» Building a competency based assessment system
» Training of teachers and directors of schools
» Develop a sustainable and scalable educational program​
» Developing an international community of high schools by using a common set of tools, methods and best practices
Project Target groups
» Teachers and high school principals
» High Schools
» High School Students
» Entrepreneurs
» Experts
» Media
» Public and private networks supporting entrepreneurship education in schools

Project results
» Study - the current situation of social entrepreneurship (educational initiatives and social enterprises) in the countries involved in the project
» Social Entrepreneurship Curricula (educational material for teachers and high school students ) - 2 versions , standard and extended
» Materials for training participants
» Educational activities carried out in the classroom and online
» Training sessions for teachers
» Learning platform with educational resources on social entrepreneurship
» Pilot project at Partenie Cosma High School of Economics, Oradea - testing and applying the materials developed within the project Social Enterprise 360
» Competitions and events for students on social entrepreneurship themes