Erasmus + is the new EU program that aims to encourage the development of skills and employability by providing opportunities for education and training,
internships for young people and funding for projects in the field of sport.
Junior Achievement Romania
Since 1918 worldwide and 1993 in Romania, Junior Achievement (JA) implements in schools educational programs in the fields of economics, 
entrepreneurship, finance and career. Through learning by doing activities carried out in the classroom and opportunity of interacting with volunteers from the business community, young people acquire essential skills for life, unique experience, and ahve the opportunity to participate in international competitions of the programs,  becoming part of of an educational and professional global network: 37 countries in Europe and 121 worldwide implement JA educational programs. In Romania, the educational programs are implemented in more than 1,300 public schools across the country, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, agreement no. 10184/2003 and with financial support from the business community.

Colegiul Economic Partenie Cosma Oradea
The mission of our high school: 
1. To form and strengthen skills and competences that allow new graduates better integrate on the European labor market; 
2. To conduct initial training of our graduates; 
3. To create an environment where teachers feel professionally fulfilled; 
4. To provide students the opportunity to satisfy their interest for knowledge, to use information techniques to acquire communication skills in foreign languages​​; 
5. Provide students an intellectually, morally and universal citizenship level.
Faculty in Economics in Osijek
Faculty of Economics in Osijek (EFOS) is one of the oldest faculties at the J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek. The Faculty of Economics in Osijek was founded in 1961. In addition to full time and part time studies, EFOS provides postgraduate courses and research activities that are focused mainly on regional development, entrepreneurship and information systems. Programs of the Faculty of Economics in Osijek span the entire education vertical, from undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate specialist and doctoral programs. EFOS is the only higher education institution in Croatia providing education in entrepreneurship from undergraduate to doctoral level. In 2005, within the framework of university reform following the Bologna Declaration, EFOS altered its study programs according to European standards and requirements. In 2011 Faculty of Economics has gone through a successful process of international accreditation and received IQA (International Quality Accreditation CEEMAN) certificate confirming: high quality programs and its realization, human potential and capacity as well as the final results. Faculty is also recognized in the field of entrepreneurship, and for its contribution in that field faculty has been granted with UNESCO Chair in Entrepreneurship.

Website: www.efos.unios.h/
Fundacion Junior Achievement Espana
Junior Achievement was born in the US in 1919 and is one of the world's largest educational organizations dedicated to promoting entrepreneurial values ​​among young people, as well as to preparing them for the workplace through the methodology of "Learning by doing" .
Junior Achievement arrived in Spain back in 2001, offering an educational curriculum developed by experts and benefiting students from the ages of 7 to 25 (starting at Primary school and continuing through Secondary education, Vocational Training and University).

Junior Achievement Europe
JA Europe aims to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.
JA Europe is Europe’s largest provider of entrepreneurship education programmes, reaching 3.2 million students in 39 countries in 2013. Download our factsheet here.
Funded by businesses, institutions, foundations and individuals, JA Europe brings the public and private sectors together to provide young people in primary and secondary schools and early university with experiences that promote the skills, understanding and perspective that they will need to succeed in a global economy.
The JA Company Programme is recognised by the European Commission Enterprise Directorate General as a ‘Best Practice in Entrepreneurship Education’.
JA Europe is the European Regional Operating Center for JA Worldwide®
Junior Achievement Greece
SEN/JA Greece was established in 2005 as a non-profit organization offering educational programs on entrepreneurship, financial literacy and skills building in both private and public schools in Greece. SEN/JA Greece is a member and the official representative of JA Worldwide in Greece; JA Worldwide was established in 1919, and is the largest non–profit organization in the world in the field of entrepreneurial education with a presence in 122 countries, serving more than 10.000.000 students on an annual basis.
Within the vision to inspire and empower the youth, support SEN/JA Greece Educational Programs and promote healthy entrepreneurship, the Board of Directors strongly support the organization’s efforts and activities, despite the economic crisis in Greece they are facing as leaders in the Greek business community. Through sponsorships and volunteer programs, numerous of national and international businesses offer their valuable support to SEN/JA Greece as partners or contributors, securing JA Greece programs’ sustainable future. 

Junior Achievement Italy
Junior Achievement Italia is a non-profit association founded in 2002 by a task force of leader companies and public institutions to promote economy and entrepreneurship into the Italian School System. Junior Achievement Italia is one of the main national player involved in promoting economy, financial literacy and entrepreneurship education from primary to secondary school levels (students from 9 to 19 years old) and every year it reached more than 22.000 students.  The main assets of the Junior Achievement Italia approach are: 
- The learning by doing methodology (workshop for teachers, free didactic tools, peer to peer experiences during national and international trade fair and competition, on-line call for proposal and examination) 
- The win-win “experienced partnership” between schools and business world with the active role in the classroom of business people involved by the corporate partners and associated institutions. 

Stichting Jong Ondernemen
When you are entrepreneurial, the world is at your feet. You like action, are always in for a challenge, you have got an eye for opportunities and take matters into your own hand. Your enthusiasm and creativity are a source of energy for others. There is almost no better foundation for success. Companies are in line for the entrepreneurial types and our Dutch economy especially. One thing is for sure: entrepreneurship is good for all of us!
You learn entrepreneurship by doing! You must have experienced it to know how it feels. Jong Ondernemen inspires and challenges youth in the Netherlands to help build an entrepreneurial future. We do this with the help of practice- and experience-oriented programmes for primary, secondary and tertiary education (vocational schools, applied universities and universities). Our success? Networking, linking and organising. This way we offer students a unique entrepreneurship experience and change lives.

The Grameen Creative Lab
The Grameen Creative Lab (GCL) is a joint venture co-founded in 2009 by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus and German serial entrepreneur Hans Reitz to promote and shape the global social business movement. The company focuses on spreading awareness of social business by organizing events and workshops, speaking at conferences and bringing social business into universities. It also supports and consults companies and organizations in the initial process of creating social business ideas and models. GCL’s flagship event is its annual Global Social Business Summit held every year in November in changing destinations. 
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